Pico de Gallo Salsa Time

With the pounds of tomatoes we are picking everyday, there’s alot of tomato business going on here.  I have been freezing, boiling, stewing, cutting and juicing tomatoes to the point of I usually need a nap afterwards.  One of our gems to make with the tomatoes is pico de gallo which is enjoyed alongside some tortilla chips.  We have been making this for a while and I’m at the point of where I don’t measure anything, I just know what works.  This is  very often brought along to gatherings in the summer time, it usually results in cheers and hugs. 

I have been experimenting with this and have tried various ways of cutting things up to get it the most non juicy as possible.  I use a food processor but you need to be careful as it can slowly turn into slop. 

Tomatoes – roma are best, but beefs work if needed – about 1-1.5 pounds
1/2 green pepper
1/2 onion
2 teaspoons cilantro
red pepper flakes to taste
salt/pepper to taste

Cut up your tomatoes, set aside.
Thrown your green pepper into your food processor, pulse 3 times
Cut up your onion, set aside with your tomatoes.
Add your tomatoes and onion to food processor that has pepper in it, mix with spoon.
Add cilantro, red pepper, salt/pepper on top.
Pulse 3 times.
Do not over pulse! Check it out after every pulse to make sure it stays thick.
Serve with chips, enjoy.

photo 1.JPG
Quick trip to the garden results in yummy fresh ingredients!
photo 2.JPG
Right before everything gets pulsed 3 times.
photo 4.JPG
photo 5.JPG
Good texture, still thick.
photo 1.JPG
Yummy Yummy.  Eat many!

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