For The Love of a Pumpkin..

I love our pumpkins. I love them alot.  They are one of my garden favorites.  I have a dream where I have a entire field of pumpkins and everyday I go out and walk around them, patting each of them and then laying in the middle and telling them a story.  Then they all come alive and surround me, and we all hold hands and dance around.  It sorta sounds likes a cult, but I would totally be into a pumpkin cult.  I love pumpkins!
So with 4 pumpkins sitting on our counter, I decided it was time to get them baked and pureed, enjoying their seeds along the way.  I’m thinking pumpkin soup, pumpkin pasta, pumpkin brownies, pumpkin pie – anyone else have any pumpkin recipes they’d like to share?  I’d love to hear them!
photo 1.JPG
Hello pumpkin, look at you.
photo 2.JPG
You have the most beautiful insides I’ve ever seen.  (not a line I was expecting to say.. ever)
photo 3.JPG
But boy, is this the worst job ever. I think it’s worst than deshelling peas.
photo 4.JPG
After I separate the guts from the seeds, I will let them sit on a cookie sheet for 24 hours, this will make any of the guts that are left hard so it’s easy to separate.  Then I will bake the seeds and eat them all!

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