Cat Door, Come On In

We have a cat door on our bedroom door.  We originally installed it to keep the air conditioning in so we could keep our door closed at night.  Xanadu had no problem going in and out, Brother either.  Essy doesn’t really go into the bedroom much but if needed she will go through that cat door at full speed so it shakes on its hinges.  FiFi Bofinkles though, she doesn’t really get cat doors, she doesn’t understand why she has to press her nose against something to open it so usually she just pounds on the door at night with her paws until I wake up, open the door, pick her up and insert her onto my pillow, followed by a nice love tap on the head which then causes her to close her eyes and curl her toes.

But that door broke.

It was installed for years, was kind of cheap plastic, and Xanadu and Brother fist fought on opposite sides of the door too much.  Plus Brother squeezed his big 14 pound body through that door so  many times I think it shortened the lifespan.  So that led to just a cat door frame with no actual door.

But that all changed today.  Let me introduce you to the TubbyKat Door.
This just arrived, lifestyle of a Maine Coon!
This cat door is for big cats up to 25 pounds.  That means Brother can grow some more and still fit in! This door is monster, it looks like a mack truck.   The best part is there is a magnet at the base, which means the flap door always closes after a kitty enters or leaves. 

photo 2.JPG
We just installed it and Xanadu was our first victim.  It took her a few minutes to wonder what was going on and how was she going to get in. She tried to ignore the cat door and just use her paws to open the door like a human would (her preferred method, she’s way too smart).   She could see us, we could see her.  Eventually she went through which caused us to clap and yell “hooray” which caused Xanadu to drop to the floor and look terrified.

photo 3.JPG
So we immediately left and Xanadu was like “What? I just got in and now you guys leave.  This isn’t funny.”  Eventually it took her so long to get out the door I had to bribe her with pieces of my ham sandwich.  She came out.

Brother has not tried it yet, although I’m sure smiles will ensue.

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