I’m Not A Vampire. I think.

Officer: Miss, what is in your freezer?
Pamela: Officer, I swear those bags are filled with sauces.
Officer:  Really,  those bags are filled with sauces?
Pamela: Yes! They are filled with tomato sauces of all kinds.
Officer: Are you lying to me?
Pamela: No! Officer, you see, we have many tomatoes and I had to do something with them. So now I have tomato sauce for the rest of my life!
Officer: One more question..
Pamela: Yes, go ahead.
Officer: Will you make me dinner?
Pamela: But of course Officer!

My freezer is looking a bit suspicious.  Yesterday I added 10 more servings of tomato sauce to the army of ones already there.  I still have tomatoes on my counter but I’m not having a anxiety attack about it anymore.
photo 2.JPG
photo 3.JPG
I’m proud because I actually got everything packed in.  It only took me rearranging everything 4 times at 2AM on a Saturday night to do this.
photo 4.JPG

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