So Much Kale!

When we planted kale for the first time this spring, we thought it was just going to last until May and be done.  Well turns out kale lasts in the summer, and the winter, and I have a feeling it will never leave us.  Kale plants are amazing, if you aren’t growing it already, you should.  Not only is it on my top list of most beautiful plants, but you can get so much kale from 1 plant (we have 6!).   So with our kale out of hand to the point of we can’t walk by it because it blocks the walkway, today I decided to pick a few pounds to blanch and freeze for winter time recipes.  Remember when we first planted the kale? Hahaha, memories.
photo 2.JPG
The kale used to be babies, then they just took over the big box and are spilling over.
photo 1.JPG
Kale doesn’t care about anything but growing big.
photo 1.JPG
Although it’s not dinosaur kale, I still like to call it my dino kale.  Isn’t it magical?
photo 3.JPG
I throw it in some warm water and splash them around in the sink to get off any bugs and dirt.
photo 4.JPG
Then I de-stem them, rip them into little pieces and blanch them in boiling water for 2 minutes.
photo 5.JPG
After their ice bath, they get a ride in the spinner to dry off.  Then it’s off into bags to be frozen. 

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