Edamame Soybeans

This week I’m pretty sure all the soybeans will be ready to harvest completely.  This is great and sad news.  Great because the broccoli can move in, they’ve been bugging us for a bigger space.  Sad because I love my soybeans and will miss seeing them take over the garden.
After some reading I realized the best way to harvest soybeans is to pull the entire plant after the pods are full.  This here is one plant out of the 50+ we grew.

This is another:

It’s full of beans, low, high, in between. 

I love how furry they are.  It makes my heart pitter patter. 
photo 3.JPG
This is from 1 plant..

And this is from another plant I harvested today.  I will boil them for a few quick minutes and eat edamame.  I already had a few bowls.  <3
photo 2.JPG

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