Soybean Harvesting – Pt 1

I apologize in advance for the amount of soybeans posts that are about to happen, but they were stars of our garden this summer so it only feels right to give them all the attention they deserve.  Yesterday, the soybeans (edamame) came down.  I did this solo and by the time I was done I couldn’t move my arms.  Also to get a idea of how long this took me, just look at how the light changes from beginning to end. :)
photo 1.JPG
Our glorious soybeans.  You must come down.. it’s that time.. we must harvest all your beans, but we love you alot.
photo 3.JPG
You grew beans on every inch of yourselves.  You grew beyond our wildest dreams.
photo 4.JPG
When I peeked inside, I saw nothing but bushels of beans.
photo 4.JPG
So the first half came down… I cried a little bit.
photo 1.JPG
Then I got to work to picking every single bean off. I thought that bowl would be enough, I’m a idiot.
photo 1.JPG
Then you all came down…
photo 2.JPG
You grew so strong! You stood your ground against the wind.  You are my hero.
photo 5.JPG
Back to picking beans..
photo 5.JPG
Matthew came up to visit me, probably because I told him I would be right back and it was hours later.
Finally, I finished, the boxes are empty of soybeans.

Soon you’ll see the amounts we got…

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