First Time Cucumber, First Time Pickles!

A few months ago we decided to grow cucumbers because of my wild pickle obsession.  Today we picked our first cucumber ever!  What did we do? I immediately wanted to make pickles, so I found a quick recipe. 
photo 2.JPG
The cucumber was 8 inches, pretty big!  The 2 plants we have are growing so  many more, I can’t wait!
photo 2.JPG
I know what cucumbers look like cut up, but I’m always amazed to grow something and it actually looks how I expect.  It’s just a exciting moment of “Yeah! I did it!”
photo 3.JPG
There’s dill, garlic, celery seed, pepper, peppercorns, sugar, sea salt, white wine vinegar and salt.
photo 5.JPG
So now they relax in the fridge for 2 days.   I will give you a verdict soon enough…*FINGERS CROSSED*

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