Brother Bear Is My Boy

In just 2 months,  our little (who is actually the biggest kid in the Meowza family) Brother Bear will be 3 years old already!   Everyday we watch his personality continue to change.  Brother came from a shelter in the Bronx and when we first got him, he was not very friendly.   He was scared, ready to attack and we imagine came from not a good place where he wasn’t treated right.  Over the time we’ve had him, with the numerous vet visits for many conditions, this guy just keeps warming our heart everyday.  He’s grown from not wanting to be touched at all, to one who begs for head bumps, ankle rubs, and will jump up with us in bed and curl up on my feet.  I read one of the biggest Maine Coon characteristics is their “goofy” personality.  I never thought Brother would become it, but he’s turned into a pure goof ball.  From the laps he runs which ends in him sliding into his condominium house, sliding 10 feet, crashing into the wall, to the way he rubs his tongue all over plastic to his side head glances he does when he’s surprised, to the way he hides under the  bed whenever there’s a hint of a storm, he’s one silly and sweet man.  He is the youngest in the family, but being 14 pounds has him as the biggest as well.  Even though he could easily pin down any of the girls, he never hurts them, ever.  He lays near them, he follows them, he lines up behind Essy when it’s eating time so she can eat first (even though he shouldn’t be eating her food to begin with, but that’s another story), he lets them all pick their beds and always gets stuck with the smallest bed that’s left, he’s such a gentleman.    Every morning when I wake up, he gives a big baby meow (very soft voice) as soon as I swing my legs out of bed, then he follows me out the bedroom, and will continue with me until I plop down on my computer.  There he will sit next to me on the floor, or on my toes (in the winter, this is great – furry belly to keep me warm!) and just stare at me, feeling safe that he’s next to me.  If I have to go to the other side of the room, he will follow. Right now he’s a few feet away, looking up at me.. I’m looking back at him telling him such a great boy he is and how much we love him.  We love Brother Bear.
photo 1.JPG
Note his mini Santa beard he’s slowly starting to grow…
photo 2.JPG
Love this guy so much.
The surprised side glance he does.
This is the first picture ever taken of him when he came here.  He ran under the bed, and finally I got him to reach a arm out to grab a ball and go back under the bed with it.  We’ve come a long way.

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