The Love Glove: Will Change Your Life

Let me introduce you to the love glove.  It’s a glove which will cause alot of love to your furry cats.  Essy is 18, she knows what she wants and what she doesn’t like.  One thing she doesn’t like is being brushed, she hisses at the furminator and brushes in general.  This causes a problem because she sheds crazily.  One thing she loves though is being rubbed and petted with your hand.  She can lay there for hours with your hand on her belly between her arms.  In fact just as I typed the last sentence, Essy who is across the room met my glance, jumped off her chair, plopped on the floor and stretched it out with a “come and get me” nod. I’ll be right there babe.  So here comes the love glove, it’s basically a brush that you wear, so cats feel your hand rubbing them, not that brush they hate.  We just got it and tested it on 4 of our critters, it’s a sensation.  All the cats are begging for it, they stretch out as soon as they see  it, they purr, they rub, they cry out in happiness.  It was a bit intense to watch them get all these emotions.  Essy loves to put her chin on the ground and get ear and head rubs with it.  Xanadu plops upside down completely and likes it on her  belly rough.  FiFi Bofinkles likes it on her head all the way to her tail, knocking over anything in the process and completely furring up my monitor as  she rubs her fresh fur body all over it.  Brother Bear likes it to relax.
If you have cats, try it out! You’ll cause lots of purring.
Bofinkles about to pass out.
photo 1.JPG
Xanadu passed out.
photo 3.JPG
Essy looks like she has a beret on.
photo 2.JPG
All this from just a few quick rubs on each cat.  Life changing.
photo 4.JPG

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