Pickle Obsession Update

I ate all the pickles that I posted about last week, they were more bread and butter style which is ok even though I’m more of a sour girl.  Even though they only soaked for 2 days they were still full of flavor.  Overall they were ok, but they didn’t shatter my world into pure bliss, so I set out to try more recipes.
photo 1.JPG
photo 2.JPG
photo 3.JPG
I decided to try “lazy pickles” which is basically using the brine leftover from store bought pickles and soaking your own cucumbers in them.  I soaked these for a few days and they were pretty good (better than the ones above).  I find each day later I open up to eat one, the better it tastes.
photo 4.JPG
Lastly, I am currently soaking a bunch of cucumbers in a half sour recipe, which I’m hoping will change my life.  These guys have been soaking since Sunday and I will test them this weekend.  This recipe didn’t call for white vinegar like the majority do, but instead a salt water mixture with plenty of spices (including coriander and mustard seeds).  I  made 2 batches because we had many cucumbers… PLEASE BE DELICIOUS. I will report back soon about them.
Half Sour Pickles

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