The Life of Xanadu

Xanadu Pluto is our 6 year old crazy Siamese.  Even though she’s hands down the smallest cat in the family,  she’s most definitely the boss and monitors the rest of the Meowza family.  A few days ago we caught her on live  stream when we weren’t home just sitting next to the door guarding the bowls.  Does she not allow anyone to eat while we’re gone?  She would sit there very proud and occasionally run after something, most likely FiFi Bofinkles.
photo 5.JPG 
A few days ago after my mission to find new Halloween decorations I came home with this cute pumpkin rug.  I put it down and waited…
3.4 seconds later, Xanadu was on it claiming it as her own.  Sometimes she wraps herself up completely in it and gets stuck.  I will try to get a picture of that.
photo 5.JPG
Have paperwork? Don’t worry, Xanadu will lay on it and take care of it.
photo 1.JPG
The only one she has to watch out for is Brother, he’s not very scared of her at all.  Sometimes they lay like this (by the way notice how bigger Brother is than her) and Xanadu attempts to stick her head under his tail.  Then he whips his tail and continues to hit her in the head.  She closes her eyes and enjoys every moment of it.

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