Hi. I can’t move my arms.

Yesterday I went to the doctor to get a physical.  I haven’t had one in about 10 years, so I thought it was time.  Everything is great the doctor said, except he talked me into getting 2 shots.  One being the flu shot which I can’t tell you is the last time I got, but thought it was a good idea.  It didn’t hurt much going in, but last night my left arm started to ache.  It was a very rough sleep.
The one that did hurt going in was the giant tetanus shot which made me want to cry.  The doctor said the tetanus one would make me sore but I wasn’t feeling anything so I thought I was set… then I woke up this morning and couldn’t pull myself up.  Look at how big it is, I cry inside just looking at it.  It’s been about 30 hours and I can’t move my right arm to lift anything up.  The extent of my ability with my arm is to type and even that hurts a bit.  I tried getting a mug out of the cabinet today and nearly knocked down all the bowls.  I also took a few long breaths today while attempting to do the easiest things but just felt pure pain.  Besides the arm pain I’m feeling all together a bit groggy, a little fever and just all over body aches.  Oh the agony of getting shots to prevent illness…
I saw this today and I thought it was pretty accurate.
Happy weekend everyone.

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