Tuesdays are Go, Go, Go

Our Tuesdays are long and I’m usually ready for bed around 8PM. 
Here’s what a usual Tuesday looks like:
photo 2.JPG
Take a morning car ride to Manhattan.  This is my lunch bag, I’m a child at heart.
photo 1.JPG
We (Matthew and I) teach at SVA on Tuesdays, it’s either 2 or 3 back to back classes depending on the week.  Usually there are students in those chairs, I swear.
photo 4.JPG
And we get to sit in these tall chairs that I have to climb up.
photo 1.JPG
Last year we would buy breakfast sandwiches every morning but then I realized I can make them for us, save a few dollars and cut off half the calories.  So we try to scarf these down before our first class begins.
photo 1.JPG
I’m obsessed with thermos bottles so I bought this tea making one.  It has a ball for loose tea, or you can use a tea bag.  I find that it keeps my tea so warm I usually need to wait 2 hours to drink it.  It’s amazing.
photo 3.JPG
This is my soup thermos.  It keeps hot food, hot.  It also has a spoon that folds up, that pretty much made me buy it.
photo 4.JPG
This is soup for lunch.
photo 1.JPG
Sometimes I eat a black bean burrito with tomatoes and cilantro for lunch. We have a 10 minute break between classes, so again, eat quick.
photo 1.JPG
Yesterday after class we had a date, but we were pretty hungry by late afternoon so we stopped for a quick slice of pizza.  Is bad pizza possible? I don’t think it is.  I have had this conversation with multiple people recently, I know you can have pizza that isn’t as good as your favorite, but bad pizza, I never had it.  Dough, sauce, pizza, you can’t go wrong.
Seeing Vertigo at the Film Forum!
Our date was seeing Hitchcock’s Vertigo at the Film Forum.  This was the last showing to see it as it was only there for a few days.  It was my first time seeing it, was great.
Delicious Brownie.
Highlight besides the film, the big brownies they sell.  I ate this before the movie even started.  I almost bought another one before leaving.

Hope you had a nice Tuesday!

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