Brooklyn Nets Barclays Center Open House Event

I’m not sure if you know this, but Brooklyn has it’s own basketball team now, the Brooklyn Nets.  Being big basketball fans, we had to get season tickets for their first season here, so that’s what we did. On Monday night the Nets had a open house for season ticket holders to see the new arena, the Barclays Center, for the first time.  If you live in Brooklyn you probably have biked/walked/drove by this arena as it’s being built.  It’s big.  It’s beautiful.  It looks like a space ship that just landed. I love it.

So on Monday, I lined up and waited in line with other season ticket holders to see the arena, to see the court, to sit in my seat for the first time (possibly the first person ever to sit in the seat?), to touch the court with my sneaker (gently).   Arena food is always expensive, so a highlight was that the majority of the vendors were open serving food – all completely for free (and by free I mean I just spent my life savings to buy a season ticket)!  It was really dangerous. I had a piece of carrot cheese cake that basically changed my life.  I’m slightly concerned about this cake as there is alot of games this season I will be attending.. please keep me away from that cheese cake (and by keep me away I mean don’t look at me sadly as I keep coming back to my seat with a piece).

You can see the entire set of pictures here.  I will just post a few below.

The first game is Nov 1 against the New York  Knicks (*insert dramatic music*).  We can’t wait!  I’m sure I will post about it here. :)

This is pretty  much exactly what you see when walk in.  You’re almost on eye level with the jumbotron because the court is actually under ground.
Brooklyn Nets season ticket holder open house! Yes!
I’m kinda in love with the floor.
Brooklyn court... very excited!
I was very excited.
I was very excited for the experience of eating carrot cheese cake on the court as well.
Really, it was amazing.
Here’s the view from our seats. Pretty good!
photo 2.JPG
Here’s how it looks at night outside, very spacey.

Go Nets!

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