Front Door Chalk Board

I have been in the mood to change things around our loft space.  I will soon be painting the walls around my desk area, but before I get to that I wanted to change the back of our front door.  Lately I have seen great ideas involving chalk board paint, but I wasn’t sure where to do this.  Then one day after coming home once again after forgetting to send out the mail (4 days in a row) I thought to myself “I need a reminder right by the door”.  There the idea of a chalk board on the back of the front door was born.   We can use the door for lists, reminders and more importantly we can leave happy messages to each other. 

Chalk board paint is a pretty easy process.
Prepare where you’re painting.  For the door I just cleaned and wiped it down.
Then I used some painters tape to tape the edges.  I eventually did the entire thing.  Xanadu helped.
She really helped.
This is the chalk board paint.  You can also get colors but they are sold in smaller cans. You can find this at Home Depot by the spray paints.
I had to apply 2 coats to the door for it to take evenly.  Let it dry a few hours in between each coat.
Now here’s the hard part.. let it dry completely.  It needs to sit for 72 hours before you do anything.
photo 2.JPG
72 hours later:  Then you take a piece of chalk and use the side of it to completely cover the paint.  This creates a coat on the paint to protect the paint and seal it in.  Then you erase it completely with a chalk board eraser. Do not clean it with water until 10 days after painting.
photo 3.JPG
Now comes the fun part! Get the chalk out!
photo 4.JPG
Halloween is soon, let’s be festive and decorate the door too!
photo 5.JPG
The door is finished, and ready for any loving notes you want to leave.  One thing has been added to the door: Send mail out!
Have fun.. the ideas are endless!

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