Peppers, You Are So Pretty

Pretty Peppers! Pretty Peppers! I love 2 things: peppers and alliteration.  Pretty Peppers!
While there’s stuffed pepper soup in the crockpot for dinner tonight, I wanted to show you our beautiful pepper plants.  I know I did a post not too  long ago dedicated to these beauties, but when Fall hits, the pepper plants always start producing wildly.  Hands down the pepper plants are the least stressful plants in the garden, they just do their thing.  Plant a seed, water them, that’s it.  They don’t turn brown, they don’t get pests, they don’t call me bad names (I’m looking at you kale).  If you’re thinking of starting a garden, I would highly recommend green peppers as one of the plants you start with.
We only have 2 pepper plants but it’s really all we need.  When they start growing, you’ll soon realize you have been outnumbered.
photo 5.JPG
There’s peppers everywhere you look, down bottom, up top, inside, outside.  Love the mixture of picking some when they’re green..
photo 4.JPG
And letting some turn red.  Check out how big this fellow is by the way..
photo 2.JPG
Peppers make your home come alive too.  Throw some on your windowsill  or counter, they’re gorgeous.  Cats love to put their tail on them too.
photo 2.JPG
We love you peppers.  We love you a ton.
photo 1.JPG

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