Halloween Decorated!

This weekend we finally got down all the decorations.  It’s looking very spooky in here!   We love it.  Also, I can’t believe the amount of Halloween dish towels I have, seriously.
As you can see the entire Halloween brigade is out and smiling.  We also hung up all the ghosts that shake and make noise. There’s one ghost who is very sensitive and basically goes off 500 times a day.  You have to whisper around him.
photo 1.JPG
Pumpkins everywhere you look.
photo 3.JPG
Robot is in the spirit.
photo 4.JPG
Big Mr. Pumpkin and some lights in the window.
photo 1.JPG
Skeleton lights in the window to be exact.
photo 2.JPG
Mr. Cloud should watch out, there’s a ghost behind him.
photo 1.JPG
We put up ghosts very close to the ceiling fan, so if it was turned on, it would be a very bad experience for everyone involved. Even though we promised not to turn on the fan this month, we fear we will forget, so this is now taped over the ceiling fan switch.
photo 2.JPG
And Brother Bear is in the spirit.  Kinda.  I put braids on him after this and he ran away.

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