Happy Monday!

What the title says – Happy Monday! I love waking up early.  Well, I don’t like waking up early.. but when I do, I get so much accomplished and feel better about that.  But I don’t like the actual act of waking up early.  It’s not even noon yet and I’ve worked out, ate breakfast, got a shower, did a million work emails, fed Essy 8 times, woke Matthew up twice to ask him questions, drank many cups of tea.
Speaking of Essy, how beautiful is this mom bear?  18 years old and still 100% trouble. 
photo 4.JPG
We are working on a fun Christmas project..  
photo 1.JPG
This is my current favorite tea in the world.  If you drink tea, please try this.  I find it a bit pricy ($6 for 20 bags at my grocery store) but it’s one of the best black teas.  It has a strong smell to it and reminds me of Fruity Pebbles which is a good comparision.
Here’s a update on the broccoli and cauliflower plants. Yesterday and today have  been 70 degrees which is unfortunate, but tomorrow is back to being chilly which everyone prefers.  Everyone being me and the broccoli plants.  We are having issues with aphids this year, they are ruining our lives.  We have tried every type of spray, we have tried jetting them off full force with the hose, but they come back.  Everyday.  We started using this spray a few days ago and it’s seemed to have a positive impact as the bottom of the broccoli leaves now lie hundreds of dead aphids.   I never wanted something to die as much as I want these aphids dead.  I feel like a horrible person saying this, but seriously.  Please leave our broccoli alone!
photo 4.JPG
It seems like round 2 of corn is happening.  We are racing against the weather (I know, I can’t have it both ways), but every plant has a ear of corn on it now!
photo 2.JPG
We tore down the back box of red beans, they did good this year.  We also cleaned up the cucumber (did amazing this year!) and pumpkin plants but I didn’t take pictures.  The season is winding down…
photo 3.JPG

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