Garden Update

Here’s a quick update on where the garden is at right now.  A few boxes have been cleared,  many boxes need to be cleared. We are waiting for the harvest to stop before pulling them..
For example, the tomato plants are brown and are seeing it’s last days.  But check out all the red tomatoes it’s still producing. I feel like they will never stop.
The pepper plants are still doing great.. they’re always the warriors of the garden:
Update on the broccoli. 
And the surprise! Cauliflower.  We have not had great/any success with cauliflower.  To be fair we only tried growing it in the first year of our garden, so we hope now things will be different.  This is a good sign to see a few baby heads start to appear…  Also, I’m missing nail polish, I’m totally aware of this.
Remember when I chopped down the kale a few weeks ago? Well the kale really doesn’t want to end it’s season because this mini kale plant suddenly appeared in it’s place.

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