Tabatchnick Cabbage Soup = NOM

I found these soups made by Tabatchnick in the frozen food department a few days ago. Wikipedia tells me the  brand Tabatchnick has been around since 1905 but they are new to me.  The soup was on sale so I thought let’s try them because I LOVE SOUP.  I got a cabbage soup and a chicken broth with noodles and dumplings.  I can’t speak for the chicken noodle one yet as I haven’t tried it but I had the cabbage soup and I’m in love!  I was surprised when I opened it up and actually found 2 pouches of cabbage soup, each only 90 calories, so you get 2 servings of soup!   I admit it doesn’t look exactly like the front of the box (what does?), but it’s really delicious and much thicker than I thought it would be.  If you love cabbage soup, try it!
photo 2.JPG
Here it is.
photo 3.JPG
When you open it up, you will find a big slab of frozen soup.  It doesn’t exactly fit into a small bowl, so I microwave it for 30 seconds and then crush it a bit so it all does fit into a bowl.  Then it gets microwaved for another 3 minutes, 30 seconds.
photo 1.JPG
It comes out thick.  I also should note it has a strong good smell to it.  While in the microwave Matthew called to me “What are you cooking that smells so good”.  Microwavable frozen soup!
photo 2.JPG
Lots of cabbage.. highly recommended, try it!
photo 4.JPG
And just to show you here’s the chicken noodle one.  The brand sells lots of other kinds which I’m going to check out soon.

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