Goodbye Corn

Today I picked the 2nd round of corn and chopped down all the corn plants.  The plants will be cut up, buried and eventually turn into great compost soil.  If you remember we had great success with corn this year and picked the most delicious ears in August.  Because we are risk takers we decided to try for a second round of corn and attempt to beat the weather clock.  Although these corns aren’t as big as the first round because they didn’t have the hot weather corn loves, they still grew really well for being Fall.
photo 2.JPG
Goodbye corn, I love you so very much.
photo 5.JPG
It kills me to chop you guys down but you will always be special to me.
photo 4.JPG
Here’s all the ears, almost every single plant had one to pick.
photo 5.JPG
See you next year corn!

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