Last Harvest For Many…

Yesterday was the last harvest for carrots, peppers and tomatoes.    We also got the green house out and built it to protect the broccoli, cauliflower and onions.  The storm is about to hit here, so I’m glad we got it done in time.
Carrots were picked.. these guys have been sitting for a while waiting for us.. that’s the amazing thing about carrots, they last forever.  Can we talk about how wide some of these are?  Good job carrots.
photo 5.JPG
My babies, the pepper plants, were knocked down.  There were many peppers to be picked which is great because I just ran out of peppers the night before!  Aren’t they gorgeous?
photo 4.JPG
More tomatoes.  You know, they never stop.  I think I’ve wrote this 10 times already, but they really don’t.  Even though I said they are done, I bet I will post one more time with more tomatoes this year.
photo 5.JPG
Greenhouse is up.. this year we are squeezing every last inch out of it..
photo 3.JPG
In the green house..
photo 2.JPG
We also cleaned up the entire garden, put supplies under tarps, etc.  It’s always a bit sad as we know this is one of the final steps of the year..
photo 4.JPG

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