Storm Is Coming..

Well it  looks like Frankenstorm is going to get us, possibly real good.  The city has already put into a effect a mandatory evacuation of Zone A, all subway and buses are closed down starting tonight at 7PM.   With no transportation this basically means the city is shut down.  Already I know NYU cancelled their classes for tomorrow, so we’re predicting that since the worst of the storm isn’t going to hit us until Monday evening, classes (including the one we teach) will probably be cancelled Tuesday as well.   It’s predicted we’ll see wind from 35-50mph pretty steadily, and possibly gusts up to 80mph on elevated buildings (hello, rooftop garden).   It’s kinda crazy here now, just waiting..
As soon as we woke up this morning, we immediately found out about the transportation, so we knew to get up to the garden ASAP to get everything tied down.    Let’s be honest though..  if we’re seeing wind gusts at 80mph, the garden probably isn’t going to be our main concern.
To put in perspective.. this is the garden at 11AM on Sunday.. with the storm actually not hitting heavily until tonight/tomorrow.  It’s already this windy..

This is what I saw when we first went up today, our heavy tree has already blown over.
photo 1.JPG
And now it’s tied up..
photo 3.JPG 
Every structure is tied and weighted down the best it can be..
photo 2.JPG
photo 4.JPG
Be safe all.. it’s going to be a crazy next few days.

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