Garden Update: Monday, 11AM

Well it doesn’t look good and we are hardly even hit yet, but the ongoing winds for the last 24 hours has not been friendly .  We found out last night that NYC is going to have gusts now up to 90MPH.  In much fear, we hit the roof last night at midnight with a flashlight to find more rope and tie everything we could possibly down, but really, what are you supposed to do?   At that much power, everyone’s roofs are going to be cleared.   The worst for us is tonight into the morning…

As of 11AM, this is the garden.  One of the pea fences are broken already and all the fabric is completely torn.  I really wish I would have picked all the green tomatoes! They are probably on the street now…
If you’re in the storm, be safe, stay inside. I took this picture in a doorway, zoomed incredibly in. 
This is getting pretty crazy.
UPDATE: PEA FENCES ARE DOWN. We had to frantically push against 50mph winds to tear them out (I know I went against my advise, but I had to save possible lives), including ripping the peas out of the ground.  They were almost ready to produce.  Can’t believe we just ripped them out like that, my heart is broken, but the fence was ready to fall down and blow off the roof.  I also grabbed some green tomatoes as I ran back while crying.

The good thing: Last night in a panic of anxiety (which is going nonstop) I baked chocolate chip cookies which I stood in line for 45 minutes to buy supplies for earlier that day. I need to do something to keep my mind off this because every time I look out the window I just see trees shaking and hear the wind gusting everywhere from my windows to my front door.
photo 4.JPG

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