Missing In Action: London!

Hello Friends – I’ve been missing in action for a short bit.  Matthew and I took a work trip to London where had our first UK solo gallery show – it went great, everyone was so encouraging.  In the next few days I will share our trip.  Hope everyone is well!  Can’t believe Thanksgiving is in a few days already.. and then Christmas.. the holidays are here!    After a job on Monday, I’m hoping for a slower December to enjoy this time of the year!
First up, the traveling….
photo 2.JPG
Waiting in line. I learned that the United States always has the longest lines for everything airport related. 
photo 1.JPG
Before we left JFK I already bought a frog neck pillow to add to the family.  This guy is amazing.  On the way home he saved my neck.  On the way to London while sleeping, I must have been dreaming because I threw my pillow in the aisle – thankfully I did not throw Mr. Frog.
photo 4.JPG
We flew out in the morning…
photo 5.JPG
And then I got confused with what time it was somewhere over the Atlantic. 
When we arrived at Heathrow they weren’t sure if Matthew was suspicious or not.  I had to come save him and tell them he’s ok.
photo 5.JPG
In London.
The Grandpas had to be searched at the airport, but then security realized they really are just frogs.
On the way back, Heathrow also deemed the Grandpas who are stuffed frogs suspicious.  They had to be escorted to a separate area to search.  I was worried they were going to cut them open, especially since Grandpa has a heavy foot (its where his stuffing has gone over the years) that could be used to carry “stuff”.   After explaining we just love stuffed animals, and these are the Grandpas, and digging deeper in our bag they found another frog named Sylvester who wears a bow-tie, they just thought we were weird and let us go.  The security lady kept saying we were frog mom and dad, it’s pretty true.
photo 4.JPG
747’s are massive.
photo 2.JPG
Home Sweet Home!

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