Married and Chocolate

I don’t think I made a formal post about this, but Matthew and I made it official and got married in August.
After 10 years, we did it.
We have been together for almost 10 years, so decided to finally do it.  We did it at Borough Hall in Brooklyn, which I honestly wouldn’t have done any other way (besides the standing in line for hours and having a high end wedding dress from
This was before we got married,  panic all around!
photo 1.JPG
His and Hers Shoes:
photo 2.JPG
Flowers from our lovely witness, and good good friend William:
photo 4.JPG
Matthew + William.  They look like a cute couple here.
photo 1.JPG
William signing us away…
photo 1.JPG
Saying our “I do’s”.
photo 3.JPG
photo 4.JPG
Then we celebrated at Shake Shack afterwards.  It was a good custard day too.
photo 1.JPG
This past week we saw our good gal pal Layla and she surprised us with these lovely dolls.  Bonus is that she colored the brides hair blue.. oh I miss those days!
Inside my body (I wish) was delicious chocolates.  I ate them all today.

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