Holiday Time

This weekend I finally got a taste of that time of the year… it’s holiday time!  From snowmen to peppermint bark to hot cocoa to decorated brownstones, New York is starting to light up with it’s colorful holiday cheer.  Hopefully we will be getting our tree mid week, have you gotten yours yet?
A quick trip to Target for milk left me in the Christmas aisles..
Which  meant as soon as got outside, open up the peppermint bark and inhale it!
We walked by this house while the owner was setting up and he had such a proud look on his face. I told him his decorations were beautiful and he beamed with happiness.
One of my top 5 things I love: snowmen.  I should count the number of snowmen we have one day..
If you see this hot cocoa at the store, please buy it.  The Arctic White is hard to find, so when I saw this in Target I basically bought every pack.  The Mint is delicious too! 
As soon we got home (with freezing hands), I heated up some milk and got the cocoa going.  Hot chocolate should be part of everyone’s daily diet!

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