End of November Garden

Well it’s coming to be the end of November and it’s officially cold out.  Don’t you hate it when it’s so hot in the summer you wish for winter, then all of a sudden it’s winter and you’re outside crying because your legs are so cold you can’t walk.  Even though we’re feeling the cold here, the broccoli and cauliflower are doing well under  the greenhouse.  We picked a few more today to have for dinner.  We are anxiously waiting for
when we can pick more cauliflower, the first batch we steamed and it was hands down ~the best cauliflower ever~.”
Cauliflower.. we’re waiting for you.  Such amazing looking plants…
Leaves are changing.. season is ending.. and in less than 2 months we will start our Spring seeds already!
Matching garden attire is never planned, but always acknowledged.

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