Friday Food + Whiskers

Today is Friday! I’m excited for Saturday sleeping in.
Some more food finds that I wanted to share..
I caved and got the Cinnamon Raisin Swirl peanut butter made by Peanut Butter & Co.  It’s so good, it’s exactly how you would hope. I thought it was going to be more sweet but there’s still a firm peanut butter taste here.  You can throw this on a piece of low calorie bread every night for dessert and be happy.  Or you can have it for a afternoon snack which I’m going to do very soon…
Now this.. this might be the food find of the year.  Would you believe by looking at the picture this is frozen food?  I wouldn’t!  Let me introduce you to Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers.  If you go to their website you will see they have lots of choices, but they don’t list the one I have pictured here, also the only one I ever tried, also the one I’m obsessed with: Lemongrass Chicken & Shrimp.   This is 280 calories, and the chicken and shrimp portions aren’t huge, but this is a super tasty meal.  The whole point of these meals is they are steamed vegetables and come with a built in plastic steamer.  You can just throw this in the microwave for 4 minutes, it steams itself, then you take the food out of the steamer, dump in the sauce which is at the bottom of the tray, mix and eat.    This picture here shows the steamer.  My local grocery has these on sale for $2.50 a piece.  I wouldn’t spend $5 on any frozen food to be honest, but if you see them on sale.. try them!
Now on to cats.. it’s a cold day today so there’s lots of loitering in front of the heater:
There’s lots of hanging out next to each.. or just Xanadu harassing Essy.
Amazon is the love of my life.  I love seeing this walking down the hallway.
Cats love boxes too.  If only they could help lift them…

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