Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos + Goodbye iPhone, Hello Lumia!

I’m not sure if you can tell by the picture size and overall quality, but I got a new phone.  It’s beautiful and is hands down the best camera in a phone I’ve ever seen.  The ability to shoot with practically no light, but magically doesn’t appear it was ever shot that way, always amazes me.   With that, I had to give up my iPhone.. and all the pretty apps that came with it!  But that’s ok, Windows Phone marketplace has equally great apps, including a allrecipes app that defeats the iphone version.  So while spinning the dinner wheel on my phone a few days ago looking for slow cooker recipes I came across cilantro lime chicken taco recipe that I had to try.  Off to the store I went with my phone and checked off each ingredient.  Then off I walked home.. straight to our crockpot!

I followed the recipe almost exactly, but a few things:
This is going to make ALOT.  You could feed 8 people burritos pretty easily.
This is REALLY GOOD.  You might only be able to feed 4 people because everyone needs seconds..
I cooked it on low for 6 hours.
With 30 minutes left, I took the chicken breasts out from the crockpot, put on a cutting board, shred up, then I put it back in the crockpot to mix in with the juices. This guarantees all your chicken will be moist and full of flavor, and not just the outside of the chicken.
Full recipe here.
This was my first full meal I made with my new phone/camera, and I tried to take pictures of everything in the worst light possible, we’re talking about a kitchen with no light on at all at times.  Pretty impressive camera, if you’re thinking about making the change.. check out the Lumia 920.  Not a sponsored post, just loving mine!
Simple ingredients.  Don’t you love the smell of cilantro?
This is 3 pounds of boneless chicken breasts. 
I practically shot these pictures in the dark. 
Now let them cook for 5 hours, 30 minutes on low…
Take the chicken out, shred it up.
Mix it around with the sauce.. make sure everything is wet.  Cook for 30 minutes more.
Oh sweet mother.. look at that.  Just look at it!
I like to put some homemade pico on top…..
Then roll it up.. serve with some refried (black!) beans and chips on the side.  Enjoy!

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