Today in Pictures

Today started with a walk to meet a student we will be mentoring next semester.  The student has a great style already and thinks outside the box, so this should be fun!  Hopefully we can help guide him into creating something he’s really proud of for the end of the year show.
Hot chocolate was had:
The cafe we met at was decorated for the holidays with hanging Gingerbread all over:
Afterwards I went and bought stickers but I can’t show you because the stickers are for friends who might be reading this!
Today was also a great day because I got a package in the mail from Black Milk delivering some new tights for me.  One of them was this pair which is “omg so cute”.  I wore them immediately:
There’s cookies on my leg!
There’s a sun on my thigh!
There’s a gumdrop machine and candy corn on the back.  Oh man, the tights are really beautiful. They are guaranteed to brighten up your day!
The sun was setting on the way home.  It gets pretty dark here by 4:30PM now.
I gave Essy some good rubs.  She likes it on her chest and between her front arms (or you might call them legs).
Now we will spend the rest of the night getting the tree all set up.  Last night I unfortunately broke a ornament, it wasn’t my fault I swear! Hopefully I will have better luck tonight.

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