Decorating The Christmas Tree

Each year we try to collect at least one tree ornament.  This year, we added a few.    Before we decorated, Brother and Xanadu gave us some help.
Here are some of our new and old favorite ornaments:
This one is laser cut and is inspired by all the dinosaur work we have done this year.
We can never have enough snowmen.
This is a lion.  We love lions.
This is a red and white felt ball we got at Liberty in London. I wish I would have gotten more!
Matthew got this made for me one year.
Both Mister Star and Mister Tree come from Germany.  We got them in Berlin last winter.

One thought on “Decorating The Christmas Tree

  1. Last Christmas my best friend gave me a really nice wooden Christmas ornament. It had my name and a picture of a reindeer engraved on it. It was super cool and I found out that a firm out in Colorado called Unique Custom Products made it. I am considering ordering from them this year…check them out if you like wooden item

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