It’s officially vacation time until the first week of January.  I will be sleeping more, reading more, dancing more and trying not to send out work emails.   My dad did his yearly day to visit before Christmas and it was very eventful.  The highlight was him coming in from the roof telling me (while visibly upset) that his car that was parked outside my apartment building was missing.  I threw my housecoat off, threw on a sweater and ran downstairs.  Yes, it was missing.  Was it stolen?  Was it towed?  Yes, it was towed.  So after finally finding out that the NYPD took his car to the tow yard, we went there and got it back.  The procedure to get it back was actually quite easy (although pricey), but boy was that a crazy first half of the day.  After we got back, I made him tea to relax us both.   Then he drove back to Pennsylvania.   Then Matthew and I went for a burger and saw The Hobbit 3D (48fps).  I loved it,  I would highly suggest seeing it at the 48 high frame rate and in 3D if your theater has that ability. At one point, I was positive one of the characters was standing in front of me and I jumped.  Then Matthew jumped. It’s a experience  to see it this way.
This is my dad (and me) in front of our Christmas tree.  I love when my dad visits.
Xanadu especially loves when my dad (her papa) visits because he spoils her nonstop.
My dad snapped this picture.  I like it because it explains our life pretty good.
A fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
This is my dad getting out of the NYPD escort van.  That’s one sentence I wasn’t expecting to say today.
Had lunch at Shake Shack.  They had on the menu that their custard was Gingerbread today but the menu wasn’t right.  My dreams were smashed.  I did enjoy a great burger though.
3D.  Matthew told me I look like a thug in this picture.  I think I look like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man.
I saw it knocked down on the street so I high 5’d it.
Hope you are having a great holiday weekend!

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