Today was a nice Sunday that consisted of a cozy late sleep, followed by lots of cats in various positions to be rubbed, followed by the Nets beating the 76ers.  Soon, the night will be about Brussels sprouts – my favorite food in the world right now.
Often when I look down at my computer this is what I see. 
When the heater turns on, everyone turns nice to each other and there’s a girl pile up in front.
Brother Bear waits in the back though and lets the girls get warm first. He’s such a gentleman. 
My dad bought me this Brooklyn Nets coat for Christmas. I  knew he got it for me, so I opened it a few days early (sorry!).  It’s super warm so it’s great to wear to the games as we walk to the Barclays Center arena and back for each game. It’s been very chilly and windy the last few days here. WP_20121223_007
Even though I’m a born Pennsylvania girl, my heart is with the Nets now. I am sorry Philadelphia!WP_20121223_008.jpg
Saw this while walking home, so had to pull out my phone to take a picture.

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