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I often forget about posting our work, or anything related to our work here at this blog. I just start talking hot chocolate, cats and Christmas lights and can’t stop myself.  Here are some behind the scenes pictures from the last 2 months of some projects we have worked on.   We are super thankful that people allow us to be creative and let us create worlds, we want to make it a magical journey that lets you disappear from the real world for a bit. We are looking forward to many  projects in the new year.
Zuzanna is baking us cookies.
photo 3.JPG
We shot this Christmas story for Flair Germany back in October.  Christmas should be a all year round holiday, or at least just decorated like it is.  Here’s how it turned out. Here’s also a story they wrote about us.
VS virtual!
We’ve worked with Victoria’s Secret on 2 projects in the last few months. They are fun to work with.  I got transformed into a Angel with the VS wings while standing next to some of the most beautiful women in the world.

W Korea
Our story for W Magazine also ran in W Korea.
photo 1.JPG
We went to London where we had our first UK solo show.  The show was titled “Cretaceous Returns” and it was a prehistoric dinosaur adventure.  We got lots of positive press on it.
photo 1.JPG
We also did a talk there alongside Google art project, onedotzero and V&A Museum.
Full of paper cuts, day 2 of setting up at the Visual Arts Gallery.
We were lucky enough then to have a show in NYC and bring Cretaceous Returns there.  So we spent a few days making a white wall gallery space into a loved dinosaur home.
SHOW IS UP!!! Now solo dinosaur dance party!
It was lots of fun, and I danced when we finished putting it up.
Wubba directing on set this morning.
Daria getting ready to spin.
Most recently we just finished up this year with a fun gif shoot which will feature some of our most loved souls in the world. I can’t say much more, but it might make you smile.
Here are some recent profile videos that were made on us:

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