Sitting On Clouds

A few years ago we bought a pair of computer chairs.   I decided to go against the grain and buy a fancy blue cushioned one. I thought it was a great idea, until I quickly realized the color was going to fade.  We’re talking real quick.  My vibrant blue cushion quickly turned into a faded blue, almost washing the color away completely.   So today I decided after looking at it for years to spruce it up and add some color to the seat that houses me the most in a day.
This is my sad chair before.  The color is gone.  Please ignore the cat scratches up top, those are staying.  I think they add character.  They say “I have cats and I let them do whatever they want.  My cats rule me.  Help me.”
I had this cloud fabric in one of my craft bins that I’ve been waiting to use.  I was going to make a pillow, but decided to use it on this project.  I measured the chair and cut what I needed. Then I pinned it to the chair to make sure the fabric was flat across.  Then I turned the chair upside down and stapled it  underneath.  This was so simple to do.
Then I flipped the chair back over and look at it – bright and colorful! No more faded colors.  No more sadness.

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