Simple Meatball Subs

We’ve had meatball subs twice this week.  Once I was down with the flu (still trying to get 100% back) and could not smell or taste anything.  As I sat there nibbling on my sandwich Matthew kept “ooohing” and “ahhhing” declaring this was so delicious.  I glared at him, wanting to cry.  “But I can’t taste anything”.  Then he laughed evilly.  What a mean boy.
So yesterday because he wanted them again and I wanted to taste them, it was declared that Friday night was going to be meatball night.  I know, we live life on the wild side.
There’s 2 ways to go with this, yes you can make your own meatballs,  I’m going to do this soon and make kale turkey meatballs which would probably be pretty delicious.  Or you can be lazy like we were and just buy them from the store because they are only $4 and they are already made for you.
Then you will need:
steak rolls (grab them fresh from near the deli, they are 25 cents a piece here)
tomato sauce (did you freeze some from your garden? that’s what we’re using)
few cut up pieces of mozzarella

From here it’s simple.
If you need to defrost your tomato sauce because you are using a frozen one, then do this step first.
Then add the sauce to a skillet. Set it to a medium/high heat.
Add your meatballs to the sauce, and basically let them soak in the sauce for 10-20 minutes.
The sauce should be simmering throughout, the meatballs should be living in this sauce and soaking up all the flavor.
When the meatballs are almost ready, throw your rolls in the oven to get them crispy.
Cut up some slices of cheese.
Then just make your sub!

You want your meatballs to soak up all the sauce, so just let them sit in the sauce, toss them around in it.  They should be very moist and full of flavor when they are done.
Throw your steak rolls in your toaster oven.. you want them just slightly brown.
Steak rolls are great because you can dig out a little pocket and stuff the meatballs and sauce in them.
Then add some cheese.  Oh boy, you are going to be delighted!

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