~Weekend Mode~

The weekend is here, and tomorrow we will go back to work.  We promised ourselves to take off the holiday until tomorrow, when programs will be booted and back to editing we will go.  We have a project to edit, and many storyboards/ideas to bring to life.  We have cheated a little bit, I sent out some work emails, I spotted Matthew in Maya doing 3D, but for the most part it was a ~no work holiday~.
On Friday I headed to Queens to Michael’s, I have begun scrapbooking.  I tend to collect everything, every receipt from a special dinner, every card ever given me, little monsters I cut out that I can’t even remember why.  And these boxes I throw them in are starting to add up, so I’m going to scrapbook.  I used to this regularly years ago, so I have quite a few thousand days of memories to catch up on.  I will do a more involved post about  my scrapbooking goodies later..
~Scrapbooking Center of the World~.  Or NYC.
I got lots of paper and storage boxes.  Almost everything was 50% off so I couldn’t control myself.  Also, Halloween paper books were 1 penny, I have no idea why.  It was a deal of a life time. I didn’t get stickers or the sort because I have thousands of them just here waiting to be used.
I wanted to share with you my amazing new cat earmuffs too. I have been on the lookout for these for months, but finally a pair popped up on Ebay. They were sold at H&M Europe as a specialty one year, but  never made it to the USA.  Except for now, where they will reside on my ears at all times.  Everyone enjoys them on the street.
Nets vs Cavs tonight.  Can't decide who to root for so we are going for them both.
See, I have them on here too! I can’t get enough of them.  We went to a Brooklyn Nets vs Cleveland Cavaliers game.  We are fans of them both (Matthew is from near Cleveland, I married into this life) so I didn’t know if I should wear my Cavs jersey or my Brooklyn jersey.  Who was I supposed to cheer for?  Instead I wore the Cavs jersey, with the Nets coat on top. I cheered whenever anyone scored a basket.  It was the best game, because I was happy with whoever won! Nets ended up winning.
I cleaned my spoons and tea mugs this weekend.  That was a highlight (honestly).  I’m tea crazy and it tends to stain some things.  I’ve tried baking soda before but I didn’t think it was that good, so I read that a Magic Eraser would solve all my tea problems – and it did.  Spoons are tea free.  Mugs are spotless.   Woo Woo!
I hugged this boy alot this weekend.  It just comes natural though.
Its not Christmas until cookies and chocolate arrive from Ohio....
A shipment of our annual Christmas cookies from Ohio came.  Matthew’s mom makes such amazing cookies, the peanut butter blossoms are my favorite! She has a care taker from Home Care Assistance in Redondo Beach that has experience in cooking and showed her how to make ginger cookies, this is an amazing facility for the senior citizens. They are delicious and dangerous.  They are a highlight to every holiday season.
We’re going to spend the rest of the day here, most likely with Xanadu squeezed in somewhere.  Matthew will play Skyrim, I will drink tea and read.  Right now I’m reading Complete Stories by Dorothy Parker.  The stories were almost all written in the 20’s or 30’s period, they will make you laugh at the good nature of the women, and sigh at some of the portrayals of the husbands.   Dorothy was the Carrie Bradshaw of the 20’s.

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