Chicken Noodle Soup

There used to be only one chicken noodle soup recipe in my life.  But now there’s 2.  Let me introduce you to my new friend chicken noodle soup. You guys will probably get along good.  Chicken noodle soup is really nice and makes you feel special.  It takes care of you when you’re sick.   When it’s winter it warms you up.  It really is a great friend to have.  Please get to know one another.

You can find the recipe I used here.  Print it out, bookmark it, cherish it forever.

Also, I am obsessed with the new video service Vine.  You should follow us on it.  I made a Vine for this recipe.

There is a few things I would like to say about this recipe:
1.  I will make homemade egg noodles whenever I can for the rest of  my life.  Honestly, these are the star in this recipe. I could just eat them by themselves.   They are so good.
2. I will make homemade chicken broth whenever I can for the rest of my life.  No more bouillon cubes or broth in a plastic box.  No way.  Give me chicken bones, let me simmer and magic will happen.
3. Homemade chicken broth does stain.   Example, if you are using a white spoon, it will turn yellow.  Mine did.  The good part is that it looks like a dip dyed spoon that I would probably buy for $20.  Instead  I got it for free.  And chicken broth.
4.  This recipe will make 4-6 servings.  So if you are cooking for 2, this will easily make 2 meals.  We had it Friday and Saturday which was great because those days were brutally cold.
5.  Serve it with a warm roll with butter.  Everything is better with warm rolls.
6.  I did not know white pepper existed.  Then I saw this recipe and had to find it at the Supermarket.  My soul told me if it was less than $3 I could buy it.  It was only $1.79 so I bought it.  I’d say white pepper is more tangy, but less milk than black pepper. White pepper consists of the seed of the pepper plant alone, with the darker colored skin of the pepper fruit removed.  Some people use it when they don’t want to see black pepper flakes for aesthetic reasons, like in white sauces or mashed potatoes.  Try it.
7.  If you are lazy and don’t want to cut up your own chicken you can buy a chicken already cut up for you $0.20 more per pound.  I totally did this.
8.  I didn’t use a onion in this.  Of course not.  I cut up carrots and celery.  These are the same carrots from our garden from the Fall.  Man, carrots store amazing.   I heard someone once say that carrots only last them a few days in the refrigerator.  I turned to stare at that person in disbelief and might have rolled my eyes.  Don’t be mean to carrots.  They are the warriors of your crisper drawer.
9.  I never call it a crisper drawer.  Only when I want to make myself giggle.
10 .  Make this chicken noodle soup.  People will cheer for you.  I got told by Matthew about 10x that I won a life award with this soup.  I have no idea what this life award is, but when someone says you win at anything you hold your head high and smile.

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