Etsy Love

I’m obsessed with Etsy. I love sending cards and gifts, if you ever received a card from me, it came from Etsy. I give cards for everything. If you open a door for me, I’ll probably send you a card. If I told you how many things I bought off Etsy in the last week you would gasp, so I won’t, but it’s the holiday season so it’s ok. I can’t show you what I bought because it would ruin presents for friends and felines, but I will show you some things I thought of buying. Maybe you can buy them for your friends instead.

Also, thanks to Etsy for the big blog feature on our work.

Mouse – Needle Felted Toy


Nerdy Cat – Photographic Plush


Mabel Moxie


Feed the Cat Bowl


I Love Human Bowl


Toadstool Terrarium


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