Window Farm Cleaning

Our Window Farm has been feeling neglected the last few months.  It had a few basil plants that were drying up naturally and a swiss chard plant requesting love.   We kept saying we were going to clean it out, but we got busy with other things.  So last night we planted new herb and vegetable seeds and today I cleaned out what was in it.
Here’s the Window Farm before.  The good part of this is the majority of the basil was already dried so I just collected it, crumbled it and now have dried basil for recipes.  Not like I need it though. I have 6 jars of it still left from the summer.  Does anyone need dried basil?
There was still some green fresh basil on some of the plants.  These were picked and will be used for pizza later this week.
Swiss Chard is so pretty isn’t it?  It’s the best shade of pink.  WP_20130130_011
Here is proof that hydroponic roots can grow big!  This is the roots of a basil plant.  If you have a Window Farm you have to be sure these don’t clog up the bottles or your plants below it won’t receive water.  Also you will have a flood. Trust me on this one.  
Dried and fresh basil all picked.

Here’s the seeds we planted for the next round.  There’s plenty of basil, buttercrunch lettuce, black seeded lettuce and dwarf pok choy (Thank you Wanda for the seeds!).WP_20130130_017
So now we wait.  Once the seedlings are big enough to stand on their own, then we will sprinkle off the dirt from their roots and transplant it in a rooting sponge.  The dirt like sponge has great aeration, it’s made from composted organic materials with a special water based polymer that ensures just the right amount of moisture is maintained

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