Chicken Pot Pie: Please Make This

I have to tell you about this Chicken Pot Pie recipe. If I don’ tell you about it I will forever feel like a horrible friend.  This is one of those recipes you need to save, laminate, cover in love, cherish forever.  Do you know how to tell  when you have a killer recipe?  When you spot someone in your house, eating all the leftovers during the middle of the night.  That pushes it over the edge of just good, this is amazing.  When I was making the sauce to pour in the pie, I took a spoon and almost fainted.  I then called over Matthew to taste it before first proclaiming “This might be the best thing I ever tasted in my life”.  During dinner I kept getting praises on how good it was.  Ok, I will stop. ITS REALLY GOOD!  Just be careful.  If you take it to a dinner or have friends over, you will forever be the friend who makes chicken pot pie.   People will demand it! It will change lives!


The recipe I used is here, but I want to tell you about  my tweaks.
-I did not use a onion.
For extra vegetables:
      -I used 1/4 cup of frozen corn.
      -I used one medium sized potato – peeled and cubed.
-Instead of boiling my vegetables and chicken in water, I boil them in chicken broth.  Save it for the following step in the recipe!
-For chicken broth I just use chicken bouillon cubes.
-I had quite a bit of cream sauce left over, which I kept hot and then you could spoon it on top of your pot pie if you want to when it’s done.


More pictures behind the cut.

For this I boiled everything in chicken broth.  Can we just stop and talk about how good vegetables are boiled in chicken broth?  I couldn’t stop myself from snacking on the potatoes and peas.  I declared that I was going to start eating more vegetables this way.  How can peas be so good?  Oh potatoes, I love you.

Fill your pie crust up.   Make sure they are defrosted.
The cream takes a few minutes to thicken.  Just give it some time, you don’t want it too runny.

I made one beautiful  mess while filling it up. 

Then the other pie crust went on top and I folded the edges with a fork. I’m  not winning any awards with presentation here, but it doesn’t matter.  When people taste it you will win the heart of everyone.

When it comes out of the oven.. oh boy.  The smell.  The look.  Just swoooooon.

And the first cut! It will be a moment of magic.
Enjoy it.  Eat all your peas!

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