Winter Garden

After a little snow storm this weekend I decided to take a look at the garden to make sure it was still there.  In the winter time we don’t see  it everyday as there’s not much going on, so today I wanted to take some time to say “hi” to it.
We didn’t get that much snow from Nemo, probably about 5 inches.  What’s left though is either slush or ice.  In this picture it’s one sheet of ice in front of the garden.  I risked my life for these pictures!
In these boxes shortly there will be sugar snap peas growing!  It’s always funny to compare this month to June when things are green and beautiful.
This is one of our flower plants we keep covered in the winter, but some of it decided to poke out and get some sun.  It will be shining bright soon!
Some people cover their strawberry plants but we don’t.  If it goes great in the wild, then it can grow great in our wild too.  This would be a good shot to compare in July when it will be full of juicy berries.
I took a quick look under the greenhouse and saw the onions although the problem was it had ants, so we needed to get a power ant control service to help with this. I couldn’t reach all the way down to see if they have bulbs or yet.  Will probably check them out again in the next few weeks..WP_20130211_014
Even though we picked the broccoli a while ago, it’s still been growing small little heads in the winter.  What a surprise!
A view from the garden:  Stay warm whenever you are!

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