Seedlings Update – 1 Month

So it has been a full month since many of the Spring seeds were planted.  How are they doing? Well I’m glad you asked.  I have been waiting to do a post on this.  I have been very anxious.  I would like to post every time they grow a centimeter but I know that probably isn’t very exciting to you.  So I wanted a whole month.  I really keep things riveting here!   Here they are today…! WP_20130214_007
But let’s go on a journey.. back to January 2013 to watch the progress… On January 15, the first one decided to pop up and greet us: WP_20130115_009
Then on January 16, more of it’s friends came out to play.. WP_20130116_002
On January 24, we had alot of growth action that already happened in the 12 days since they were planted:
WP_20130124_008 WP_20130124_009 WP_20130214_008
Then on January 28, the onions decided to start growing quick. WP_20130128_007WP_20130128_005
Check out this amazing guy, isn’t he beautiful? It’s New Zealand spinach. WP_20130128_013
Then on February 6, we had to pick favorites.  This is always so hard.  I don’t do it, I make Matthew while I sob loudly on the floor yelling “IT ISNT FAIR”. WP_20130206_051
Check out the broccoli roots! They are already growing out of their cups… WP_20130206_053
And this is yesterday.  Hey  spinach and kale – how are you guys doing? Kale, man I’m excited to see you!
Onions, I won’t eat you, but I’m very happy to see you looking so well. WP_20130213_033
Everyone this is cauliflower.  Cauliflower this is everyone.  Say hello! WP_20130213_032
Broccoli – you beautiful people. WP_20130213_035
So everything came up….. so now we just keep watering and giving hugs. WP_20130213_038 WP_20130213_037
This was taken a few minutes ago.  I almost fell off a chair, but I’m ok. The onions and cauliflower are so big they are in the light.  Good luck guys.  Also note the fan to the right that we put up in mid January.  This keeps it windy so they aren’t shocked when they hit the roof.  It also makes them very strong as they are growing wind muscles (my term, not technical). WP_20130214_007 WP_20130214_008
How’s your seedlings?

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