Thursday Thoughts

Pictures from the last week..

This is my new favorite website.  The truth is that I worked out tonight while dancing to this, when the cats come in, I dance hard. 
This is our daily afternoon snack.  It happens between 4-5PM.  We each have one piece of whole wheat bread with cinnamon raisin peanut butter + red raspberry  jam.  It’s magic.
praymid hill
This is a outtake of a project we did earlier last year. I found it today and now I want to rework it to share it with the world.
We had Mexican a few nights ago.  The tortilla soup was not as good as mine, but the cheese fries with black beans were magical.
2013-02-20 10-13-31.205
This is my new sweatshirt.  I do like cats.
I have important roles like standing on top of the table to hold the boards in place while Matthew puts in screws below. I do this with fluffy heart socks on.
photo 2.JPG
Magical devils food cheesecake at a Nets game.  This is the best buy at the Arena at my opinion. It’s a giant (2 people serving) piece of cake for $8.75.
Grandma pizza is real good.
Some goodies friends brought us back from Cambodia. It’s black pepper beans and lotus tea.
Construction victim, poor Sambas.
Matthew’s shoe was in a construction accident.
Turkey + avocado + tomatoes + walnut pesto + lettuce sandwich.  With tomato soup.  Had a solo lunch with a book…
I’m current reading the biography of Marie Antoinette.  I’m really into that time period right now.  I had homemade tortilla soup one night with this book.  This book is such a great date.
A friend came over and brought donuts.  The bottom right is my favorite – roasted coconut.  LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE.  If you ever come to New York, go to Dough in Brooklyn!
I had went to my favorite tea store in New York, McNulty’s. The men in the store are so helpful and make me smell every single tea, I adore them.  I could spend a very long time in here.  I was in here because my doctor told me I have to cut down on caffeinated tea, apparently he thinks there is something wrong with 7 cups of black tea a day.  Apparently he thinks it’s causing my horrible headaches that I have been taking medicine for. This is such sad news, because I need my tea! Oh man.. what am I going to do.
So I got decaffeinated chocolate mint and english breakfast.  I also got a oolong which is much lower in caffeine.  The ceylon was for a friend.   I can now report almost a week later, my headaches aren’t as bad or as often.  I am on the lookout for great decaffeinated teas, this is a major change in my life.  But if it’s helping my headaches, I welcome it.. although I miss my usual teas. :(
I met a clown in the Subway and got this balloon.  I carried it all the way home.  It’s on my wall now.WP_20130215_005
I dressed in ice cream cone colors.WP_20130212_005 (1)
This is Brother Bear’s crinkle ball.  he puts it under his body.WP_20130212_004 (1)
And then slides it under his belly.  Don’t touch it.

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