Uncle Mikey’s Dried Pineapple

Have you ever eaten something so good that all you can do afterwards is shake your head?  That’s what I find myself doing every time I eat some Uncle Mikey’s dried pineapple. Let me take you back 1 week ago..
It was Saturday February 16 and someone stopped by to take a look at our garden in perhaps getting some thoughts for their thesis project which focuses on gardening.  Upon stopping by they gave us a gift, it was a small package of dried pineapple.  Thank you Ann for giving this to us….You shared this with me and now I will share it….
I am not usually a fan of dried fruit because every time I buy it in the store it’s looks like gummy candy that is filled with sugar. Dried fruit shouldn’t have a big list of ingredients.  I want my dried fruit to taste real, like, well, fruit.    I am a big fan of pineapple so I was excited to try this.  On first look the dried fruit wasn’t poofy at all, in fact it looked very thin. I never saw dried fruit that actually looked like it was a dried version of the fruit! So I tasted it, and unicorns and sparkles magically appeared around me.  Glitter fell.  The angels sang.  Man, this was GOOD.  So good I immediately declared it out loud my new favorite snack in the world.  I did a quick Google search and learned that Uncle Mikey’s was based in Hawaii and they didn’t sell their products in New York. I was heart broken.  But there was still hope – they sold it online! More angels singing.  So about 20 minutes after finishing this bag above, I bought a 16 oz package of dried pineapple online. I could not wait for it to arrive!
So yesterday, Friday February 22 my package arrived!  Can we just say how amazing it is that I got fresh dried pineapple from Hawaii in less than a week?  Can we also say how amazing it is that Mikey himself sends out emails curious about how you learned about his product, telling you it was shipped, and just other great words of happiness because he is a good guy. I want him to be my new best friend so bad.
Here is my 16 oz of dried pineapple, aka, the greatest pineapple in the world.  Their slogan is “no weird stuff added” which is true, this is just fruit, nothing else.  How can dried fruit be this amazing?  I don’t know! But after snacking on some, I found my way writing this blog entry. The pineapple puts me in a trance – “I must tell the world about this pineapple”. 
It was vacuum packed so I quickly cut my way in.  WP_20130223_050
There it is.  Oh my god, look at this pineapple.  People, look at it. 
The texture is rough (in a good way), you need to chew it.  It’s not gummy, it has bite.  Do you know when you eat pineapple and your tongue burns afterwards?  Well you know this is the real deal because after eating this dried pineapple, I get the burn. My mouth waters just thinking about it.
He also sent this other sample pack.. I was dying to try everything when I saw the selection on his website.
The apple banana! Oh heavens! Did you even know there was a such a thing? It’s delicious! The guava leather is delicious too, I snacked it on the way home tonight on the subway and the ladies next to me complimented the smell. I almost offered to share but I couldn’t part with it.

If you like dried fruit – please try this.  I know it isn’t cheap, but honestly it’s worth it.  It’s one of these things you find in life and hopefully you will have forever. I know that was a dramatic statement, but I mean it.  It’s that good. 

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  1. Aloha Pamela, Big Mahalo for the kind words! I don’t cry easy but to read that our “project” actually a 10 year adventure, touches so many. From our family to yours, mahalo nui

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