Projection Mapping

This weekend I took a projection mapping class at Harvestworks.  Projection mapping is a technique for manipulating video and graphics to create illusions of deconstruction and redefinition of physical shapes by moving away from traditional flat projection surfaces.  Basically you project your video/graphics onto a 3d space, but you have to shape your projected material to that surface.  You might have seen projection mapping on buildings or on objects before.  Here are some great examples that will blow your mind. Amazing, right? 
I went into the class not really knowing much technically about it.  Matthew has messed around with the program MadMapper slightly, but besides that I was a newbie.   I wanted to take the class to learn more about it and see how we could possibly use projection mapping either in gallery installations or create sculptures to record projection mapping on and use in our work.
This was Day 1.  I’m using the program MadMapper. I was very confused in the beginning but felt my way around and figured it out to an extent.  To the right are boxes set up in the classroom, this was a picture of them.
Taking a projection mapping class at Harvestworks.  This is my first masterpiece.
And then I projected this onto the boxes.  It changes quite a bit from designing on a picture of boxes, and then seeing it real in front of you – you have to do quite a bit of tweaking.  If you had the exact measurements or were able to scan the sculpture, then it would line up pretty perfectly.

This is a video of what i made in the first day.
Day 2 projection mapping at Harvestworks, working with Modul8 and rainbow cats.
On the 2nd day we learned Modul8 and how to use it hand and hand with MadMapper.  Modul8 lets you create animated video elements and really lets have you great control.  WP_20130224_005.jpg
Here I’m back in  MadMapper, with the assets to the left being Modul8 created and opened live in the program.
I was looking forward to today because with learning how to use these 2 programs together I was able to put my own Pamela spin on things and make things visually look more my style.

Here is my final upon day 2.  It was much more fun and cute – what I like!
The class was really great and I’m going to explore it more.  Both programs are pretty indepth so it will take some time to figure them all out, but I’m really excited to see the possibilities of what it can do for our work.

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