Farmhouse Table – DONE!

I briefly mentioned in this post we were building a farmhouse table and I’m happy to say it’s done.  And it’s beautiful, oh it’s so lovely that it makes my eyes sparkle with sunshine.   In one week Matthew and our friend William built the table from scratch, then we sanded and stained it.  Then the table was done – but what about chairs?  So we found chairs from various places in Brooklyn, and then proceeded to paint them to our liking.  I knew I wanted color, but I was unsure if I wanted color in the table or chairs – so I picked  the 2nd option.    This project was lots of fun to do and done pretty quickly.   For the price  of a farmhouse table and chairs  in a store, I would definitely recommend building your own so you get to customize it to your liking and pay WAY LESS.
Here it is our.. our farmhouse table!
The stain turned out beautifully.  We used Minwax water based in color Classic Black.  It’s the perfect shade for what we wanted, so happy with how it looks.
I have been saving chair inspiration and finally we decided on purple, blue and yellow.  4 of the chairs have 2 shades of each color, such as the purple seat’s is slightly darker shade than the rest of the chair.  For these we just primed, spray painted and then put on a protective coat.
We have very high ceilings so even though the table is 8 feet long it seems tiny still! We have alot of ideas of general renovation in here so the table is going to be eventually moved near the kitchen where lots of other things will be changed nearby. 
This was how we felt when we finished, thumbs up.
I came home to Matthew spray painting the chairs and saw this on the wall, hugs hugs hugs.
Last night we had our first dinner at our new table.  This was our first real table we had in 10 years!  I felt like I was at a fancy restaurant.  I love our table.
I also really liked the pepper steak tacos we had, nom nom.
The table is also a big hit with Xanadu who protects (and attacks) from above now.

I will post behind the scenes to making this project later this week.

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