Removing a Carpet Is Hard Work

I am sitting here with a heating pad on my back that wraps all the way around my chest.  I can’t bend down.  This body was not built for manual labor, no way.  Today we continued our series of renovations and removed a carpet we glued down years ago.  Many years later we would regret this when we wanted to remove it.    We are moving things around in our loft, the farmhouse table is going to be in the kitchen area which excites me beyond belief. We are also adding new custom kitchen cabinetry. This hideous carpet has been bugging me for years, so I have been waiting anxiously to get rid of it.   I already bought a new area rug to put in its place but it doesn’t arrive for a few weeks – I can’t wait for it!
Quick process:
This was before we removed the carpet.  We did put the cats away, don’t worry.  Here the cats know something is going on and are spending as much on the carpet as they can. I believe Brother Bear thought this entire carpet was his new area.
Adhesive remover put all over..
Carpet all scraped up:
Area all sanded:
Area all clean now:

Didn’t that look easy?
Yeah right.
Hard working pictures behind the cut.

This was last night.  Note, Brother Bear is always stretched out on it.
Yup, still…
Cats were locked up in the bedroom.  Xanadu yelled about it for 30 minutes then finally took a nap.
Adhesive remover is added a little bit a time..
It sorta looks like jelly fish.
Then you rub it in.  Wear gloves or your hands will have holes in them. Wear clothes you don’t care about either. This is hard because I am emotionally attached to all my clothes.
Ok time to scrape.. on your hands and knees, with a baby scraper.
Oh god, this is not easy.  I swear.
Only beginning.  Already I expressed I can’t move due to sore muscles.
I took a tea break.
Yes! CARPET IS ALL UP! I thought we were finished, but then things just got more complicated..
Matthew said we had to sand it now to get lots of glue spots off.
He started while I ran to Home Depot to buy more grit sand paper thingies.  Very official term.
He was still sanding when I got back..
Then he made me sand.  The sander basically controlled me, I have no power.
At this time I realized we were not prepared for the dust which was taking place all over our entire home.  This would result in hours of mopping and cleaning later in the day.
Like our sad stove.
Our sad microwave.
A sad laptop which had a phone on it.
A sad floor.
At this time we moved all the cats into the bathroom.  Yes all 4 cats in a small bathroom, they were THRILLED.  Actually they didn’t really seem to care.  I think they all took naps.
Then we vacuumed. You might need some prior info on vacuum cleaners before you start sprucing up the place.
Then we mopped. I had to go buy a mop too. I also bought orange juice.
Then finally it was time to release the monsters.  Xanadu of course is trying to jump on my legs. Essy ran to me when I opened the door and gave me such a pretty little look, my heart exploded into happiness. Brother Bear is ready to run.  Bofinkles is confused why I woke her up.
Immediately they knew something changed – but what?   For the next hour Brother Bear would crawl through shelves, Bofinks would sniff every inch, Xanadu would be everywhere every single second, Essy would eat and sleep.
But it’s done! So happy! Job well done!

2 thoughts on “Removing a Carpet Is Hard Work

  1. Good job!! We are going to be renovating our bedroom in about a week. We’re also pulling up the carpet, painting ceiling, walls and trim, new window treatments, etc…I am not looking forward to the manual labor, but I am excited about the finished product! :)

    • That’s always the helpful part – imagining how great it’s going to be in the end. That’s what gets me through the tears. ;) Good luck!

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